Error codes

Constant definitions for the Microsoft Game Development Kit (GDK) error code values, declared in XGameErr.h.

Code Value Description
E_GAME_MISSING_GAME_CONFIG 0x87e5001F This app is missing a required MicrosoftGame.Config file.
E_GAMERUNTIME_NOT_INITIALIZED 0x89240100 The game runtime has not yet been initialized.
E_GAMERUNTIME_DLL_NOT_FOUND 0x89240101 The game runtime DLL was not found.
E_GAMERUNTIME_VERSION_MISMATCH 0x89240102 The game runtime DLL does not support this version of the Microsoft Game Development Kit (GDK).
E_GAMERUNTIME_WINDOW_NOT_FOREGROUND 0x89240103 The operation requires an application window to be in the foreground.
E_GAMERUNTIME_SUSPENDED 0x89240104 The game runtime is in a suspended state.
E_GAMERUNTIME_UNINITIALIZE_ACTIVEOBJECTS 0x89240105 The game runtime has active objects at XGameRuntimeUninitialize.
E_GAMERUNTIME_MULTIPLAYER_NOT_CONFIGURED 0x89240106 There is no multiplayer activity set on the service for this user on this title.
E_GAMERUNTIME_OPTIONS_MISMATCH 0x89240109 Indicates other code in different module has already initialized the runtime with a given set of options. The runtime cannot be initialized with a different set of options until it is uninitialized.
E_GAMERUNTIME_OPTIONS_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x8924010A The options passed are not compatible with the game because it is packaged. When a game is packaged, the game config information passed into the options structure must match the game config of the package.
E_GAMERUNTIME_GAMECONFIG_BAD_FORMAT 0x8924010B Indicates the game config passed to Initialize cannot be parsed.
E_GAMERUNTIME_INVALID_HANDLE 0x8924010C If the game runtime is uninitialized and later re-initialized, handles are not valid for use across initializations.
E_GAMEUSER_MAX_USERS_ADDED 0x89245100 Can't add this user because the max number of users has been added.
E_GAMEUSER_SIGNED_OUT 0x89245101 Can't perform the operation because the user is signed out.
E_GAMEUSER_RESOLVE_USER_ISSUE_REQUIRED 0x89245102 Needs UI to resolve an issue with this user. In general, if you are getting E_GAMEUSER_RESOLVE_USER_ISSUE_REQUIRED (and this can happen from multiple APIs), you should call XUserResolveIssueWithUiAsync.
E_GAMEUSER_DEFERRAL_NOT_AVAILABLE 0x89245103 Not an appropriate time to request deferral.
E_GAMEUSER_USER_NOT_FOUND 0x89245104 User matching the id was not found.
E_GAMEUSER_NO_TOKEN_REQUIRED 0x89245105 No token is required for this call.
E_GAMEUSER_NO_DEFAULT_USER 0x89245106 There is no current default user. If you're getting this error, it likely means that you called XUserAddAsync(AddDefaultUsersSilently, ...). To fix the issue, you should call XUserAddAsync again, this time without AddDefaultUserSilently to get a user.
E_GAMEUSER_FAILED_TO_RESOLVE 0x89245107 Failed to resolve the given privilege.
E_GAMEUSER_NO_TITLE_ID 0x89245108 An Xbox live title id must be configured.
E_GAMEUSER_UNKNOWN_GAME_IDENTITY 0x89245109 The game identity is not recognized. This error happens when the <MSAAppId> and <TitleId> don't match the ones associated to the game.
E_GAMEUSER_NO_PACKAGE_IDENTITY 0x89245110 A package identity must be configured.
E_GAMEUSER_FAILED_TO_GET_TOKEN 0x89245111 The token request failed.
E_GAMEUSER_INVALID_APP_CONFIGURATION 0x89245112 The MSAAppId in the game config is invalid or is not configured for the authentication stack.
E_GAMEUSER_MALFORMED_MSAAPPID 0x89245113 The MSAAppId in the game config doesn't match an expected format, either a 16 character string or GUID.
E_GAMEUSER_INCONSISTENT_MSAAPPID_AND_TITLEID 0x89245114 The MSAAppId and TitleId in the game config don't match the ones associated to the game.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_APP_NOT_PACKAGED 0x89245200 The game is not packaged in a container.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_NO_INSTALLED_LANGUAGES 0x89245201 The game uses Intelligent Delivery to selectively install languages, but none of the languages are installed.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_NO_STORE_ID 0x89245202 This API requires that the StoreId attribute be set in the application's game config.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_INVALID_SELECTOR 0x89245203 A chunk selector was provided that does not resolve to a chunk in the package.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_DOWNLOAD_REQUIRED 0x89245204 One or more required chunks must be downloaded to mount the package on this device.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_NO_TAG_CHANGE 0x89245205 Change installed chunks in this package using Features, not tags.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_DLC_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x89245206 The DLC being mounted is not supported by this game. Ensure the correct DLC compatibility is set in the game config.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_DUPLICATE_ID_VALUES 0x89245207 The package contains more than one executable mapping to the same 'Id' attribute. Please check the game config for duplicate 'Id' attributes in the 'Executable' elements.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_NO_PACKAGE_IDENTIFIER 0x89245208 Could not resolve an identifier for the package. The package may not be installed.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_NO_ROOT_NODE 0x89245209 Could not find a root <Game> node in the MicrosoftGame.config file. Please check the MicrosoftGame.config file to ensure it is properly formatted.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_ZERO_VERSION 0x8924520A The 'Version' attribute in the 'Identity' node in the MicrosoftGame.config cannot be Please increment or remove this attribute. If no version is specified, a default value of will be used.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_NO_MSAAPPID_NOTITLEID 0x8924520B The 'MSAAppId' or 'TitleId' element in the MicrosoftGame.config is missing. If one of these values is specified, then they must both be specified when using configVersion >= 1. Please use the MicrosoftGame.config Editor "Associate with Store" feature to automatically retrieve Id values from Partner Center.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_DEPRECATED_PC_ENTRIES 0x8924520C The DesktopRegistration entries "modFolder", "enableWritesToPackageRoot", "disableRegistryWriteVirtualization" and "disableFilesystemWriteVirtualization" are deprecated in configVersion >= 1.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_SUM_REQUIRES_MSAAPPID 0x8924520D The 'MSAAppId' and 'TitleId' elements in the MicrosoftGame.config are required when using the Simplified User Model (AdvancedUserModel element) and configVersion >= 1. Please use the MicrosoftGame.config Editor "Associate with Store" feature to automatically retrieve Id values from Partner Center.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_NO_CODE_CLOUD_SAVES_REQUIRES_MSAAPPID 0x8924520E The 'MSAAppId' and 'TitleId' elements in the MicrosoftGame.config are required when using No Code Cloud Saves (NoCodePCRoot element) and configVersion >= 1. Please use the MicrosoftGame.config Editor "Associate with Store" feature to automatically retrieve Id values from Partner Center.
E_GAMEPACKAGE_CONFIG_MSAAPPID_OR_TITLEID_IS_DEFAULT 0x8924520F The 'MSAAppId' or 'TitleId' element in the MicrosoftGame.config is a default value. If NoCodePCRoot or AdvancedUserModel is specified, then the TitleId and MSAAppId must both be valid Ids from Partner Center when using configVersion >= 1. Please use the MicrosoftGame.config Editor "Associate with Store" feature to automatically retrieve Id values from Partner Center.
E_GAMESTORE_LICENSE_ACTION_NOT_APPLICABLE_TO_PRODUCT 0x89245300 The game requested a license for a product that cannot be licensed.
E_GAMESTORE_NETWORK_ERROR 0x89245301 The game failed to communicate with the store network.
E_GAMESTORE_SERVER_ERROR 0x89245302 The game received a bad response from the store server.
E_GAMESTORE_INSUFFICIENT_QUANTITY 0x89245303 The user does not have enough of this consumable to use the requested amount.
E_GAMESTORE_ALREADY_PURCHASED 0x89245304 The user already owns this product.
E_GAMESTREAMING_NOT_INITIALIZED 0x89245400 The XGameStreaming runtime has not been initialized. Call XGameStreamingInitialize before calling other APIs.
E_GAMESTREAMING_CLIENT_NOT_CONNECTED 0x89245401 The specified client is not connected.
E_GAMESTREAMING_NO_DATA 0x89245402 The requested data is not available. The data may be available later.
E_GAMESTREAMING_NO_DATACENTER 0x89245403 The current machine is not running in a datacenter.
E_GAMESTREAMING_NOT_STREAMING_CONTROLLER 0x89245404 The current reading didn't come from a streaming controller.

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