The XGameSave API is designed to enable creating, loading, saving and managing game related states. The primary difference between this and previous implementations is that this will provide a flat API with access to an Asynchronous Programming Model that allows the caller to control the threading and memory management of how the API behaves.


Function Description
XGameSaveBlobInfoCallback Callback function to retrieve the results of XGameSaveEnumerateBlobInfo.
XGameSaveCloseContainer Closes the XGameSaveContainer.
XGameSaveCloseProvider Releases resources held by the XGameSaveProvider.
XGameSaveCloseUpdate Closes a XGameSaveUpdate.
XGameSaveContainerInfoCallback The callback function for a call made to XGameSaveGetContainerInfo.
XGameSaveCreateContainer Creates a XGameSaveContainer handle.
XGameSaveCreateUpdate Creates an update which will later be submitted by calling XGameSaveSubmitUpdate.
XGameSaveDeleteContainer Deletes a XGameSaveContainer from cloud storage.
XGameSaveDeleteContainerAsync Deletes a XGameSaveContainer asynchronously.
XGameSaveDeleteContainerResult Retrieves the result of a XGameSaveDeleteContainerAsync call, use this function to check the success of the call.
XGameSaveEnumerateBlobInfo Retrieves the blob info for the contents of a XGameSaveContainer.
XGameSaveEnumerateBlobInfoByName Retrieves the blob info for the contents of a XGameSaveContainer limited to the blobs which share a prefix with the blobNamePrefix parameter.
XGameSaveEnumerateContainerInfo Retrieves the container info for a XGameSaveProvider.
XGameSaveEnumerateContainerInfoByName Retrieves the container info for a XGameSaveProvider.
XGameSaveGetContainerInfo Retrieves info for the containers in a XGameSaveProvider.
XGameSaveGetRemainingQuota Returns the amount of data available to store using the XGameSave api.
XGameSaveGetRemainingQuotaAsync Returns the amount of data available to store using the XGameSave api asynchronously.
XGameSaveGetRemainingQuotaResult Retrieves the results of the XGameSaveGetRemainingQuotaAsync function.
XGameSaveInitializeProvider Provides and initializes a XGameSave Provider handle.
XGameSaveInitializeProviderAsync Provides and initializes an XGameSave Provider handle asynchronously.
XGameSaveInitializeProviderResult Contains the results of a XGameSaveInitializeProviderAsync call.
XGameSaveReadBlobData Reads the blob data for a container.
XGameSaveReadBlobDataAsync Read XGameSaveBlob data from a XGameSaveContainer asynchronously.
XGameSaveReadBlobDataResult Retrieves the results of a XGameSaveReadBlobDataAsync call.
XGameSaveSubmitBlobDelete Adds a delete action to a game save XGameSaveUpdate.
XGameSaveSubmitBlobWrite Adds a write action to a XGameSaveUpdate.
XGameSaveSubmitUpdate Submit an update to the XGameSave service. Updates blobs within a container.
XGameSaveSubmitUpdateAsync Submit an update to the XGameSave service asynchronously. Updates blobs within a container.
XGameSaveSubmitUpdateResult Retrieves the result of the XGameSaveSubmitUpdateAsync call.


Structure Description
XGameSaveBlob Unit of information for XGameSave storage. Resides within a XGameSaveContainer.
XGameSaveBlobInfo Information about the XGameSaveBlob.
XGameSaveContainerInfo Information about a XGameSaveContainer.

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