Configuring your data connection to Azure Data Explorer (ADX)

Data Connections now allows you to export to Azure Data Explorer for near-real time ingestion and distribution of your data. After you configure a data connection with your ADX cluster information, PlayFab exports your data into the ADX cluster specified.


Don't have a ADX cluster yet? See Create a free Azure Data Explorer cluster.

Create an Azure Data Explorer Data Connection in PlayFab

Step 1: Navigate to the data connections tab

Screenshot of PlayFab data connections tab

  • Sign in to PlayFab and navigate to your title.
  • Select the “Data” section in the left-hand menu
  • Select the “Data Connections” tab

Step 2: Configure a new Data Connection

  • Select the “New Connection” button.
  • Choose the “Destination Type” to be “Azure Data Explorer”
  • Populate the fields using the following values
Value Details
Name The friendly name of your data connection. This name allows you to find the data connection later to edit it. Put a descriptive name here.
Cluster URI The Azure Data Explorer cluster URI. This field information is available in your Azure Data Explorer cluster details.
Database The database name. The PlayFab ingestion service creates a table in this database and ingests the data to that table.
Table The name of the table in the database that PlayFab ingests the data into. If the table doesn't exist, then the ingestion service creates the table.

Screenshot of configuring and ADX data connection


We recommend using a table name that does not exist. If you use an existing table and the schema is not what PlayFab is expecting, then the schema will be modified.

Step 3: Run commands

  • Run the following commands in order as they appear in the onboarding flow individually in your ADX clusters Screenshot of granting access to AAD App