Daily Abuse Reports History Report


The Daily Abuse Reports history report contains a CSV document with all of the player reports that happened during the specified day.

In the example shown below, a player with ID of 6079A16A9E4FB67 is reporting a player with ID of 94A248B3B9E628F2 for the reason Test Report on 5/14/2017.

Daily Abuse Reports History Report Table


For GDPR compliance reasons, the Daily Abuse History Reports are only available for the past 30 days. To learn more, visit our GDPR documentation.

Using this information, you can then use the reportee ID, to quickly look up the reported player and investigate.

Game Manager - Players - Player ID Search

Populating the report

The following API call will produce new entries for this report.

public void ReportPlayer() {
    PlayFabClientAPI.ReportPlayer( new ReportPlayerClientRequest() {
        ReporteeId = "94A248B3B9E628F2",
        Comment = "I think this person is cheating! Please, check!"
    }, result => {
        // Success
    }, error => Debug.LogError(error.GenerateErrorReport()));