Economy v2 Bundles


Economy v2.0 Public Preview has released. Use these features to participate in the active development of our latest code, and provide feedback to the developers via the PlayFab Forum.

Bundles allow you to group multiple items together into a single item. You can create bundles of items that are often purchased together, or items that are only available for a limited time.

Creating a Bundle

To create a bundle, you must first make sure you have published Catalog Items, Currency, or UGC that you want to be accessible/purchaseable in your game. You can follow the steps in the Economy V2 Quickstart

  1. Navigate to Economy > Catalog (V2).
  2. Under the Bundles tab, select New Bundle.


  "code": 202,
  "status": "Accepted",
  "Item": {
    "Type": "bundle",
    "Id": "{ID}", 
    "Title": {
      "NEUTRAL": "My First Bundle",