Getting started with Azure PlayFab Lobby

This article describes how to set up the development environment for Azure PlayFab Lobby and start using it.


You need a PlayFab account to access Lobby and Matchmaking features.

Create/sign in to your PlayFab account. For instructions, see Quickstart: Game Manager.

Download and set up the PlayFab Multiplayer Client SDK

Like the PlayFab Core SDKs, we have Multiplayer SDKs for different platforms and game engines. Select and download the one that you need.

For download links, see Lobby SDKs.

For Unity and Unreal set up instructions, see the following articles.

Initialize PlayFab Multiplayer Client SDK

Now that you've finished the setup, you're ready to make your first API call and use more Lobby features.

To start making Lobby API calls, you also need the PlayFab Entity Token. Get it via REST calls (GetEntityToken) or by using the PlayFab Core SDK.

Initialize Lobby

Initialize the PlayFab Multiplayer Client SDK by following these basic steps.

    static PFMultiplayerHandle g_pfmHandle = nullptr;
    HRESULT hr = S_OK;
    // Initialize the PFMultiplayer library.
    hr = PFMultiplayerInitialize(titleId, &g_pfmHandle);

    // Set an entity token for a local user. The token will be used for operations on behalf of this user. If using
    // the PF Core SDK, this should be called each time the PF Core SDK provides a refreshed token.
    hr = PFMultiplayerSetEntityToken(g_pfmHandle, localUserEntity, entityToken);

    return S_OK;

Next steps

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