Example Project Setup

This guide covers the construction of an example project that can operate as a game-client and dedicated game-server. This sets up the minimum requirements for an Unreal project, before the GSDK can be integrated.

This guide is an excellent starting point if you're starting from scratch.


The project needs to have the following capabilities and features:

  • Networking
  • Multiplayer
  • Dedicated Game-Server

To accomplish this, we construct a project from scratch using Unreal tutorials.



All of the necessary instructions are in the Unreal Tutorials. First, download Unreal Engine Source Build by following these instructions from the Unreal Engine website.

Next, you should follow the Unreal Third Person Template tutorial. This covers the creation of a basic project we'll use for the rest of this document.

Then, you should proceed to the Unreal Multiplayer Programming Quick Start tutorial. Note, the first step of this tutorial is an abbreviated version of the one above. This guide upgrades the ThirdPersonMP template to a multiplayer project.

Once finished with the above guides, you'll have a working multiplayer game-client. Next, you need a dedicated server. At this point, you should proceed to the Unreal Setting Up Dedicated Servers tutorial. This sets up a dedicated server for your project, and concludes our list of requirements.

Once finished with all guides, you'll have a network-enabled multiplayer project with a dedicated game-server.

Next steps

You're now ready to install the PlayFab Unreal GSDK into this project.

Alternately, you can return to the main Unreal GSDK Plugin guide.