Quickstart - PlayFab Client library for C# and Xamarin

Get started with the PlayFab Client library for C# and Xamarin. Follow steps to install the package and try out example code for a basic task.

This quickstart helps you make your first PlayFab API call in the using the Client library for C# and Xamarin. Before continuing, make sure you have completed Getting started for developers, which ensures you have a PlayFab account and are familiar with the PlayFab Game Manager.

API reference documentation


Xamarin project setup

  1. Open Visual Studio and Select Create a new project.
  2. Select Mobile App (Xamarin.Forms) and then select Next.
  3. Name your app GettingStartedXamarin and select Create.
  4. For this quickstart uncheck Android and iOs, then check **Windows (UWP)"
  5. Install NuGet package for PlayFabAllSDK.

VS - Install nuget package for PlayFab SDK

Set up your first API call

This guide provides the minimum steps to make your first PlayFab API call, without any GUI or on-screen feedback. Confirmation will be done with an on-screen text widget.

  1. In the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, open the GettingStartedXamarin > App.xaml > App.xaml.cs file.
  2. Replace the contents of App.xaml.cs with following sample code:
using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using PlayFab;
using PlayFab.ClientModels;
using Xamarin.Forms;

namespace App2
    public partial class GettingStartedXamarin : Application
        private readonly Label _myLabel;
        private string _myLabelText = "Logging into PlayFab...";

        public App()
            _myLabel = new Label { HorizontalTextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center, Text = _myLabelText };

            // The root page of your application
            MainPage = new ContentPage
                Content = new StackLayout { VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center, Children = { _myLabel } }

            Device.StartTimer(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(16), Tick);

        private bool Tick()
            lock (_myLabelText)
                _myLabel.Text = _myLabelText;
            return true;

        private void LogIntoPlayFab()
            PlayFabSettings.staticSettings.TitleId = "";
            var request = new LoginWithCustomIDRequest { CustomId = "GettingStartedGuide", CreateAccount = true };
            var loginTask = PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithCustomIDAsync(request);

        private void OnLoginComplete(Task<PlayFabResult<LoginResult>> task)
            var newLabel = "Unknown failure";
            if (task.Result.Result != null)
                newLabel = "Congratulations, you made your first successful API call!";
            if (task.Result.Error != null)
                newLabel = "Something went wrong with your first API call.\n"
                    + "Here's some debug information:\n"
                    + task.Result.Error.GenerateErrorReport();
            lock (_myLabelText)
                _myLabelText = newLabel;

Finish and execute

  1. To run the project, select Debug and then select Start Debugging.


The first time you run a UWP program, it can take a long time to load.

  1. When the project loads, you will see the following text:

    "Congratulations, you made your first successful API call!"

At this point, you can start making other API calls, and building your title.

For a list of all available client API calls, see PlayFab API References.