Objective-C quickstart

This quickstart assists you in making your first PlayFab API call using Objective-C, by illustrating how to get started with our Objective-C SDK for native OSX & iOS development.


This SDK is currently in Beta, so please let us know if you run into any issues.

Before you can call any PlayFab API, you must have a PlayFab developer account.

Happy Developing!

Getting started

There are two ways to get started:

  1. Start with our example implementation project.
  2. Import the Objective-C SDK into an existing XCode project.

Configuring PlayFab

Set your PlayFab TitleId in PlayFabSettings.m, on the line:

  static NSString * TitleId = @"XXXX";

Set up your first API call

The following code example shows you how to make a PlayFab API request, and receive the response.

//EXAMPLE: Login with custom id request:

//Build the Request object:
  ClientLoginWithCustomIDRequest* login_request = [ClientLoginWithCustomIDRequest new];
  login_request.CustomId = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor] UUIDString]; //use the identifier for vendor as our custom ID.
  login_request.CreateAccount = true; //creates a new account if no existing one

//Make each call to [PlayFabClientAPI GetInstance], the first time you do this, an instance will be created and then used.
  [[PlayFabClientAPI GetInstance] LoginWithCustomID:login_request

      success:^(LoginResult* result, NSObject* userData) {
        //This block will run when we receive successful response, inspect the result class for pertinent info.
        NSLog(@"error %@",result.PlayFabId);

      failure:^(PlayFabError *error, NSObject *userData) {
        //Request errored or failed to connect, inspect the PlayFabError class for pertinent info.
        NSLog(@"error %@",error.description);
      } withUserData:nil];


  • IDFA/advertisingIdentifier logic is present, but has not been properly tested. It is off by default, and is only available if you explicitly add USE_IDFA=1 to Target > Build Settings > Preprocessor Macros.

  • testTitleData.json is present in the project, but must be changed to valid data for any Unit Tests to work.


For a complete list of available APIs, see our PlayFab API References documentation.

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