SDKs overview

This topic describes the four different SDKs we have.

These SDKs facilitate the use of PlayFab features and services in your title, on the platform of your choice. Each type of SDK is available in different flavors to support your title development on popular engines and platforms. They are typically wrappers around REST APIs.

PlayFab Services SDK

PlayFab Services SDKs enable you to use a majority of our features, including LiveOps, economy, matchmaking, and data analytics. For more information, see PlayFab Services SDKs.

PlayFab Party SDK

PlayFab Party SDKs provide networking and voice/text chat communication for games. For more information, see Party SDKs.

PlayFab Multiplayer Game Server SDK

PlayFab Multiplayer Game Server SDKs (GSDKs) provide native C++, C#, and Java libraries to help you manage your PlayFab Multiplayer Servers (MPS). For more information, see Multiplayer Game Server SDKs.

PlayFab Lobby and Matchmaking SDK

PlayFab Lobby and Matchmaking SDKs enable you to use lobby and matchmaking features. For more information, see Lobby and Matchmaking SDKs.


We strongly recommend that you use the latest versions of the SDKs. All SDK versions released in the past 6 months are fully supported unless specified otherwise. For Unreal Engine and Unity plugins, we generally support the latest 2 versions. With each release of the SDKs, we support compatibility with newest partner platform versions. Please reach out to developer support if you have any questions.

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