Software Localization

Localization Overview
Localization of a product requires that the product be adapted to both the language and the culture of a particular market.

Localization Elements
There are many elements that are modified in both software and content localization. These elements include text, layout, graphics and multimedia, keyboard shortcuts, fonts, character sets and locale data, as well as the product's build process and packaging.

Localization Tools
Using the proper resource editor tools can make the localization of product resources quick and easy. Effective localization tools should also be able to create the localized version of the corresponding original file, which can be a resource file or a compiled file, depending on the localization team's choice of tools and localization process.

Localization Team
A large localization project requires a team that consists of a program manager, one or more localization engineers, and many localizers.

Establishing Localization Guidelines
Establishing localization guidelines can increase the quality, accuracy, and user-friendliness of the internationalized product. Moreover, it can significantly reduce the cost of localizing your application into different languages.

Content Localization
Content localization includes UA documentation, which consists of printed documentation, online content, and Help files. Content can be actual pieces of the software product or an online product by itself.