Create extensionProperty (directory extension)

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Create a new directory extension definition, represented by an extensionProperty object.


One of the following permissions is required to call this API. To learn more, including how to choose permissions, see Permissions.

Permission type Permissions (from least to most privileged)
Delegated (work or school account) Application.ReadWrite.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All
Delegated (personal Microsoft account) Application.ReadWrite.All
Application Application.ReadWrite.OwnedBy, Application.ReadWrite.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All

HTTP request

POST /applications/{application ObjectId}/extensionProperties

Request headers

Name Description
Authorization Bearer {token}. Required.
Content-Type application/json. Required.

Request body

In the request body, provide an extensionProperty object with the following properties.

Property Type Description
dataType String Specifies the data type of the value the extension property can hold. Following values are supported. Not nullable.
  • Binary - 256 bytes maximum
  • Boolean
  • DateTime - Must be specified in ISO 8601 format. Will be stored in UTC.
  • Integer - 32-bit value.
  • LargeInteger - 64-bit value.
  • String - 256 characters maximum
name String Name of the extension property. Not nullable.
targetObjects String collection The Microsoft Graph resources that can use the extension property. All values must be in PascalCase. The following values are supported. Not nullable.
  • User
  • Group
  • AdministrativeUnit
  • Application
  • Device
  • Organization


If successful, this method returns 201, Created response code and a new extensionProperty object in the response body.



The following is an example of the request.

Content-type: application/json

    "name": "jobGroup",
    "dataType": "String",
    "targetObjects": [


If successful, this method returns a 201 Created response code and an extensionProperty object in the response body.

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-type: application/json

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#applications('fd918e4b-c821-4efb-b50a-5eddd23afc6f')/extensionProperties/$entity",
    "id": "da38c7b1-133e-4a79-abcd-e2fd586ce621",
    "deletedDateTime": null,
    "appDisplayName": "b2c-extensions-app. Do not modify. Used by AADB2C for storing user data.",
    "dataType": "String",
    "isSyncedFromOnPremises": false,
    "name": "extension_25883231668a43a780b25685c3f874bc_jobGroup",
    "targetObjects": [