album resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

A photo album is a way to virtually group driveItems with photo facets together in a bundle. Bundles of this type have the album property set on the bundle resource.


Property name Type Description
coverImageItemId String Unique identifier of the driveItem that is the cover of the album.

Note: If a coverImageItemId hasn't been set before, the thumbnails for an album are chosen automatically. After coverImageItemId has been set, the thumbnails for an album will always be the item associated with that ID. You can override the default cover by PATCHing the bundle item and setting the coverImageItemId property on the album to the ID of an image contained within the album. To remove a custom-set cover, you can set the coverImageItemId property to null, and a default one will be chosen automatically again.

JSON representation

  "coverImageItemId": "string"