cloudPcManagementGroupAssignmentTarget resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Complex type that represents the assignment target group. Inherits from cloudPcManagementAssignmentTarget.


Property Type Description
groupId String The ID of the target group for the assignment.
servicePlanId String The unique identifier for the service plan that indicates which size of the Cloud PC to provision for the user. Use a null value, when the provisioningType is dedicated.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.cloudPcManagementGroupAssignmentTarget",
  "groupId": "String",
  "servicePlanId": "String"