Working with the cloud communications API in Microsoft Graph

The Microsoft Graph cloud communications API adds a new dimension to how you or your organization can interact with other users by enabling core communication capabilities and features in your apps and services. You can use this API to create and receive calls as well as create and retrieve meeting coordinates.

You can use the cloud communications API to build service applications (bots) that act like participants in a call, and that create and retrieve meetings on behalf of users. This API provides calling functionality as well as the ability to create and retrieve online meetings. You can use service applications (bots) with this API, where the bot can act as a participant in your VoIP calls or Microsoft Teams meetings, for example.


One of the following permissions is required to access the cloud communications API. These permissions need to be granted by the administrator.

Scenario Permissions
Call records CallRecords.Read.All
Calling Calls.JoinGroupCallsasGuest.All, Calls.JoinGroupCalls.All, Calls.Initiate.All, Calls.InitiateGroupCalls.All, Calls.AccessMedia.All
Meetings OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite.All, OnlineMeetings.Read.All
Presences Presence.Read, Presence.Read.All

Common use cases

The following table lists some of the common uses for the cloud communications API.

Use cases REST resources See also
Creating and joining 1-1 and group calls Call Methods for calls
IVR calls Methods for IVR
Call controls (participant) Participant
Meetings onlineMeeting Methods for meetings
Retrieving call records callRecord Webhook subscriptions
Presences presence

Common properties

Resource Properties
call call properties
participant participant properties
onlineMeeting onlineMeeting properties
callRecord callRecord properties
presence presence

What's new

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