Use the Microsoft Graph compliance and privacy APIs

The Microsoft Graph compliance and privacy APIs provide a unified interface and schema to integrate with solutions available in the compliance center from Microsoft and ecosystem partners. This can help customers streamline their compliance and privacy operations to better manage and monitor their data, protect information, minimize insider risk, perform legal and internal investigations, and comply with legal or regulatory standards. For more information, see Microsoft 365 compliance documentation.

Use the Microsoft Graph compliance and privacy APIs to build applications that:

  • Create and manage subject rights requests

Subject rights request

Microsoft Priva provides powerful subject rights requests capabilities to help you handle requests from people seeking to manage their personal data within your organization. These requests are sometimes also referred to as data subject requests (DSRs), data subject access requests (DSARs), or consumer rights requests. Microsoft Priva empowers personnel responsible for fulfilling subject rights requests to easily identify data subjects and find their personal information among your organization’s data in Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Learn more about Priva Subject Rights Requests.

Explore the subject rights request APIs.