Use the Microsoft Graph eDiscovery API


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

The Microsoft Graph APIs for eDiscovery provide functionality for organizations to automate repetitive tasks and integrate with their existing eDiscovery tools to build repeatable workflows that might be required based on industry regulations. You can use the eDiscovery APIs to help with your legal needs.


The Microsoft Graph APIs for eDiscovery are intended for the use of eDiscovery operations for litigation, investigation, and regulatory requests. These APIs should not be used as a substitute for journaling data out of the Microsoft 365 system or any other mass download.


During the preview, usage of these APIs may require subscriptions to specific Microsoft offerings and is subject to the Microsoft APIs Terms of Use. Upon general availability, Microsoft may require you or your customer to pay additional fees.

Currently, the eDiscovery APIs in Microsoft Graph only work with Advanced eDiscovery cases.


The eDiscovery APIs under eDiscovery subnamespace are being deprecated. Please use the new eDiscovery APIs under security.

The eDiscovery API is defined in the OData subnamespace, microsoft.graph.ediscovery. The API includes the following key entities.

Name Type Use case
Case The container for all eDiscovery objects including custodians, holds, searches, review sets, and exports.
Custodian microsoft.graph.ediscovery.custodian A person and the data they have administrative control over. When custodians are identified, Advanced eDiscovery can hold, search, cull, and export their data. For details, see Work with custodians and non-custodial data sources in Advanced eDiscovery.
Legal hold microsoft.graph.ediscovery.legalHold Used to hold content for litigation and legal purposes. Legal holds should not be confused with or used as retention holds, which are typically used to comply with government or industry regulations. To learn more, see Manage holds in Advanced eDiscovery.
Review set microsoft.graph.ediscovery.reviewSet A static set of electronically stored information collected for use in a litigation, investigation, or regulatory request.
Review set query microsoft.graph.ediscovery.reviewSetQuery Used to discover, cull, review, and tag ESI with the goal of production to the requestor or opposing counsel.
Source collection microsoft.graph.ediscovery.sourceCollection Commonly known as searches, allow you to collect data from the Microsoft 365 live services such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams. Source collections can be added to a review set to further cull and eventually export data relevant to your case. For details, see Collect data for a case in Advanced eDiscovery.
Tags microsoft.graph.ediscovery.tag Used in a review set during review or culling to cull responsive data from non-responsive data, identify privileged content, or generally aid in the review process. To learn more, see Tag documents in a review set in Advanced eDiscovery.