deviceEnrollmentType enum type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant.

Possible ways of adding a mobile device to management.


Member Value Description
unknown 0 Default value, enrollment type was not collected.
userEnrollment 1 User driven enrollment through BYOD channel.
deviceEnrollmentManager 2 User enrollment with a device enrollment manager account.
appleBulkWithUser 3 Apple bulk enrollment with user challenge. (DEP, Apple Configurator)
appleBulkWithoutUser 4 Apple bulk enrollment without user challenge. (DEP, Apple Configurator, Mobile Config)
windowsAzureADJoin 5 Windows 10 Azure AD Join.
windowsBulkUserless 6 Windows 10 Bulk enrollment through ICD with certificate.
windowsAutoEnrollment 7 Windows 10 automatic enrollment. (Add work account)
windowsBulkAzureDomainJoin 8 Windows 10 bulk Azure AD Join.
windowsCoManagement 9 Windows 10 Co-Management triggered by AutoPilot or Group Policy.
windowsAzureADJoinUsingDeviceAuth 10 Windows 10 Azure AD Join using Device Auth.
appleUserEnrollment 11 Device managed by Apple user enrollment
appleUserEnrollmentWithServiceAccount 12 Device managed by Apple user enrollment with service account