licenseAssignmentState resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

The licenseAssignmentStates property of the user entity is a collection of licenseAssignmentState objects. It provides details about license assignments to a user. The details include information such as:

  • What plans are disabled for a user
  • Whether the license was assigned to the user directly or inherited from a group
  • The current state of the assignment
  • Error details if the assignment state is Error


Property Type Description
assignedByGroup String Indicates whether the license is directly assigned or inherited from a group. If directly assigned, this field is null; if inherited through a group membership, this field contains the ID of the group. Read-Only.
disabledPlans String collection The service plans that are disabled in this assignment. Read-Only.
error String License assignment failure error. If the license is assigned successfully, this field is Null. Read-Only. The possible values are CountViolation, MutuallyExclusiveViolation, DependencyViolation, ProhibitedInUsageLocationViolation, UniquenessViolation, and Other. For more information on how to identify and resolve license assignment errors, see here.
lastUpdatedDateTime DateTimeOffset The timestamp when the state of the license assignment was last updated.
skuId String The unique identifier for the SKU. Read-Only.
state String Indicate the current state of this assignment. Read-Only. The possible values are Active, ActiveWithError, Disabled, and Error.

JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "assignedByGroup": "String",
  "disabledPlans": "Collection(String)",
  "error": " String ",  
  "lastUpdatedDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "skuId": "String ",
  "state": "String"