passwordProfile resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Contains the password profile associated with a user. The passwordProfile property of the user entity is a passwordProfile object.


Property Type Description
forceChangePasswordNextSignIn Boolean true if the user must change her password on the next login; otherwise false.
forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa Boolean If true, at next sign-in, the user must perform a multi-factor authentication (MFA) before being forced to change their password. The behavior is identical to forceChangePasswordNextSignIn except that the user is required to first perform a multi-factor authentication before password change. After a password change, this property will be automatically reset to false. If not set, default is false.
password String The password for the user. This property is required when a user is created. It can be updated, but the user will be required to change the password on the next login. The password must satisfy minimum requirements as specified by the user's passwordPolicies property. By default, a strong password is required.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "forceChangePasswordNextSignIn": true,
  "forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa": false,
  "password": "string"

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