PersonOrGroupColumn resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

The personOrGroupColumn on a columnDefinition resource indicates that the column's values represent a person or group chosen from the directory.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of a personOrGroupColumn resource.

  "allowMultipleSelection": true,
  "displayAs": "account | contentType | created | department | ...",
  "chooseFromType": "peopleAndGroups | peopleOnly"


Property name Type Description
allowMultipleSelection boolean Indicates whether multiple values can be selected from the source.
chooseFromType string Whether to allow selection of people only, or people and groups. Must be one of peopleAndGroups or peopleOnly.
displayAs string How to display the information about the person or group chosen. See below.

DisplayAs options

DisplayAs value Description
account The raw SharePoint encoded claim string for the person or group (eg. i:0#.f|membership|
department The person or group's department.
firstName The person's first name.
id The id of the person or group in the directory.
lastName The person's last name.
mobilePhone The person's mobile phone number.
name The person's name.
nameWithPictureAndDetails The person's name along with their picture and additional details.
nameWithPresence Default. The person's name with a presence indicator icon (available/busy/etc.)
office The person's office number.
pictureOnly36x36 The person's picture, bounded by a 36x36 px square.
pictureOnly48x48 The person's picture, bounded by a 48x48 px square.
pictureOnly72x72 The person's picture, bounded by a 72x72 px square.
sipAddress The person's sip address.
title The person's title in the organization.
userName The person or group's user name.
workEmail The person or group's email address.
workPhone The person's work phone number.

Note: Additional DisplayAs types may be returned.