plannerAssignments resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

The plannerAssignments resource represents assignments of a plannerTask resource. This type is an open type. Each property name in this type is the ID of a user object a task is assigned to. The users can be assigned to tasks with creating new properties named with their ID, with a plannerassignment object with orderHint property populated as the value. The assignees can be unassigned from the task by setting the propety named with their ID to null.


Properties of an Open Type can be defined by the client. In this case though, the client must provide assigned user's IDs as property names. The property must be set to a plannerAssignment object to create or modify assignees, and to null to remove them.


  "ca2a1df2-e36b-4987-9f6b-0ea462f4eb47": null,
  "4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8": { 
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.plannerAssignment",
      "orderHint": "String"

This example removes user with ID ca2a1df2-e36b-4987-9f6b-0ea462f4eb47 from the assignees list of the task, while changing the order of the assignee with user ID 4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8. If the task isn't already assigned to user with ID 4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8, updating the assignments with this value will assign the task to this user.