plannerExternalPlanSource resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Contains information about the relationship of a plannerPlan to a user experience outside of Planner. This allows surfacing or syncing plans in Planner with other experiences to track work in the context of that experience.

You can display data in a plannerExternalPlanSource in a user interface to sync information for an external service, or to simply point to where a plan was created in the external service.

The combination of the contextScenarioId and externalObjectId properties is unique within a tenant. If creation is called with existing contextScenarioId and externalObjectId values, the existing object is returned with no modifications.

This type is derived from plannerPlanCreation.


Property Type Description
creationSourceKind plannerCreationSourceKind Specifies what kind of creation source the plan is created with. The possible values are: external, publication and unknownFutureValue. The value of this property will be external. Inherited from plannerPlanCreation.
contextScenarioId String Nullable. An identifier for the scenario associated with this external source. This should be in reverse DNS format. For example, Contoso company owned application for customer support would have a value like "com.constoso.customerSupport".
externalObjectId String Nullable. The id of the entity that an external service associates with a plan.
externalContextId String Nullable. The id of the external entity's containing entity or context.



JSON representation

Here's a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.plannerExternalPlanSource",
  "creationSourceKind": "String-value",
  "externalObjectId": "String-value",
  "externalContextId": "String-value",
  "contextScenarioId": "String-value",