quota resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

The quota resource provides details about space constraints on a drive resource. In OneDrive Personal, the values reflect the total/used unified storage quota across multiple Microsoft services.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "deleted": 1024,
  "remaining": 1024,
  "state": "normal | nearing | critical | exceeded",
  "storagePlanInformation": {
    "upgradeAvailable": true
  "total": 1024,
  "used": 1024


Property name Type Description
deleted Int64 Total space consumed by files in the recycle bin, in bytes. Read-only.
remaining Int64 Total space remaining before reaching the quota limit, in bytes. Read-only.
state string Enumeration value that indicates the state of the storage space. Read-only.
storagePlanInformation storagePlanInformation Information about the drive's storage quota plans. Only in Personal OneDrive.
total Int64 Total allowed storage space, in bytes. Read-only.
used Int64 Total space used, in bytes. Read-only.

State Enumeration

Value Description
normal The drive has plenty of remaining quota left.
nearing Remaining quota is less than 10% of total quota space.
critical Remaining quota is less than 1% of total quota space.
exceeded The used quota has exceeded the total quota. New files or folders cannot be added to the drive until it is under the total quota amount or more storage space is purchased.