removeContentFooterAction resource type (deprecated)

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.


The Information Protection labels API is deprecated and will stop returning data on January 1, 2023. Please use the new informationProtection, sensitivityLabel, and associated resources.

Represents an action that specifies the details on the content footer to be removed from the information, if applicable. The evaluateApplication, evaluateClassificationResults, or evaluateRemoval APIs may return the removeContentFooterAction if the footer is to be removed as a result of updating or removing the label. The action instructs the consuming application to remove the specific UI element that contains the previously-applicable content footer.


Property Type Description
uiElementNames String collection The name of the UI element of the footer to be removed.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "uiElementNames": ["String"]