riskUserActivity resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents the risk activites of an Azure AD user as determined by Azure AD Identity Protection.


Property Type Description
detail riskDetail Details of the detected risk. Possible values are: none, adminGeneratedTemporaryPassword, userPerformedSecuredPasswordChange, userPerformedSecuredPasswordReset, adminConfirmedSigninSafe, aiConfirmedSigninSafe, userPassedMFADrivenByRiskBasedPolicy, adminDismissedAllRiskForUser, adminConfirmedSigninCompromised, hidden, adminConfirmedUserCompromised, unknownFutureValue.
riskEventTypes String collection The type of risk event detected.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.riskUserActivity",
  "riskEventTypes": [
  "detail": "String"