teleconferenceDeviceQuality resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents video teleconferencing device session-level quality data.


Property Type Description
callChainId Guid A unique identifier for all the participant calls in a conference or a unique identifier for two participant calls in P2P call. This needs to be copied over from Microsoft.Graph.Call.CallChainId.
cloudServiceDeploymentEnvironment String A geo-region where the service is deployed, such as ProdNoam.
cloudServiceDeploymentId String A unique deployment identifier assigned by Azure.
cloudServiceInstanceName String The Azure deployed cloud service instance name, such as FrontEnd_IN_3.
cloudServiceName String The Azure deployed cloud service name, such as
deviceDescription String Any additional description, such as VTC Bldg 30/21.
deviceName String The user media agent name, such as Cisco SX80.
mediaLegId Guid A unique identifier for a specific media leg of a participant in a conference. One participant can have multiple media leg identifiers if retargeting happens. CVI partner assigns this value.
mediaQualityList teleconferenceDeviceMediaQuality collection The list of media qualities in a media session (call), such as audio quality, video quality, and/or screen sharing quality.
participantId Guid A unique identifier for a specific participant in a conference. The CVI partner needs to copy over Call.MyParticipantId to this property.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "callChainId": "Guid",
  "cloudServiceDeploymentEnvironment": "String",
  "cloudServiceDeploymentId": "String",
  "cloudServiceInstanceName": "String",
  "cloudServiceName": "String",
  "deviceDescription": "String",
  "deviceName": "String",
  "mediaLegId": "Guid",
  "mediaQualityList": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.teleconferenceDeviceMediaQuality"}],
  "participantId": "Guid"