Use the Microsoft To Do API

Use the Microsoft Graph To Do API to create an app that connects with tasks across Microsoft To Do clients. Build a variety of experiences with tasks, such as the following:

  • Create tasks from your app’s workflow, for example, from email or notifications, and save them in To Do. Use the linkedResource entity to store the link back to your app.
  • Sync your app’s existing tasks with To Do and create a single task view for better prioritization and manageability.
  • Manage To Do tasks in a custom business application.

Currently, the API supports only permissions delegated by the signed-in user.

Before starting with the To Do API, take a look at the resources and how they relate to one another.

Screenshot highlighting To Do API entities. Screenshot shows list of task lists on the left, tasks within a specific task list in the center and, on the right, checklist items and linked resource along with other task properties.

Task list

A todoTaskList represents a logical container of todoTask resources. You can currently create tasks only in a task list. To get all your task lists, make the following HTTP request:

GET /me/todo/lists


A todoTask represents a task, i.e. a piece of work or personal item that can be tracked and completed. To get your tasks from a task list, make the following HTTP request:

GET /me/todo/lists/{todoTaskListId}/tasks

Checklist item

A checklistItem represents a subtask in a bigger todoTask. ChecklistItem allows breaking down a complex task into more actionable, smaller tasks. To get a checklistItem from a task, make the following HTTP request:

GET /me/todo/lists/{todoTaskListId}/tasks/{todoTaskId}/checklistItems/{checklistItems}

Linked resource

A linkedResource represents any item from a partner application related to the task, e.g. an item like email from where a task was created. You can use it to store information and the link back to the related item in your app. To get a linked resource from a task, make the following HTTP request:

GET /me/todo/lists/{todoTaskListId}/tasks/{todoTaskId}/linkedresources/{linkedResourceId}

Track changes using delta query

For performance reasons, you may want to maintain a local cache of objects, and periodically synchronize the local cache with the server, using delta query.

The following To Do API resources support delta query:

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