Supported call types

This article describes the supported call types in the cloud communications API in Microsoft Graph and how they're used for the signaling process.

Peer-to-peer calls

A call is peer-to-peer (P2P) when one participant is directly calling another participant. If a bot calls a user, and the user is the only calling target specified, this is an example of a P2P call.

P2P call diagram

If a user wants to call a bot, the bot doesn't need any additional permissions in order to respond to the P2P call. In order for a bot to call a user, it must have the Calls.Initiate.All permission for a P2P call.

Group calls

A group call occurs if there are either three or more participants in the call, or if meeting coordinates were specified when the call was initially created.

You can create a group call through Microsoft Teams, for example.

Group call diagram

Currently, bots are able to:

  • Create group calls
  • Join exisiting group calls
  • Invite other participants into an existing group call
  • Be invited into existing group calls

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