Overview of the industry data API in Microsoft Graph (preview)

The industry data API is an Education industry focused ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) platform that combines data from multiple sources into a single Azure Data Lake data store, normalizes the data, and exports it in outbound flows. The API provides resources that you can use to get statistics after the data is processed, and assist with monitoring and troubleshooting.

Why integrate with the industry API?

Build applications that upload and monitor

Most education software developers learn early on that class roster is one of the key pieces of information they need to run their application, and it's typically locked away inside a school student information system (SIS). Any time teachers bring a new application into their classroom, they spend time manually importing roster data into the app. Many independent software vendors (ISVs) address this by connecting with a SIS to import roster data. With hundreds of student information systems with proprietary formats, this can become a challenge.

Microsoft School Data Sync, combined with the industry data API, addresses this challenge for application developers and schools. The following are some of the scenarios that the industry data API enables:

Enable school admins to manage identity and roster sync using School Data Sync (preview)

Use the industry data API to manage end-to-end synchronization scenarios with School Data Sync.

School Data Sync helps automate the process of importing and synchronizing student identity and roster data from an SIS. A system integrator who configures the integration of a SIS of a school with School Data Sync can use the industry data API to set up synchronization from either a CSV file or a supported SIS API connector.

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