Set up a demo tenant to develop education solutions

You can set up a demo EDU tenant that simulates a Microsoft 365 EDU customer tenant that you can use to develop and test your education solutions.

With this tenant, you can:

  • Build rich solutions that integrate Microsoft 365 apps and business processes to enhance productivity in the modern workplace.
  • Get a Teams development environment in seconds.
  • Extend and customize Teams to create and connect apps and workflows.

To get an EDU developer tenant:

  1. Go to Partner Sign Up and choose Microsoft Education Integration.

  2. Complete the form. Pay attention to the Product Information section. In the MPN No field, provide your Microsoft Partner Network ID, and in the Are you requesting an EDU development tenant? box, choose Yes.

    Note: If you don't have a Microsoft Partner Network ID, join the Microsoft Partner Network.

  3. After you provide all the required information, choose Submit.

You will receive an email notification about you tenant request.

See also

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If you need a tenant to use for your own learning or for customer demos, see Create a demo EDU tenant.