Search box component in the Microsoft Graph Toolkit

The Search box component renders an input control allowing searching for capabilities. This component is not connected to Microsoft Graph and should be used in collaboration with the search results component.


The following example shows the use of the mgt-search-box component to enable users to type a query that would be sent to other components for rendering. You can use the code editor to see how properties and attributes change the behavior of the component.

Properties and attributes

You can use several attributes to change the behavior of the component.

Attribute Property Description
search-term searchTerm Value of the search term.
placeholder placeholder The placeholder rendered in the picker. Default is Search.
debounce-delay debounceDelay Debounce delay of the search input. Default is 300.


Event When is it emitted Custom data Cancelable Bubbles Works with custom template
searchTermChanged Fired when the search term is changed. string No Yes No

For more information about handling events, see events.


The control exposes the following variables that can be localized. For details about how to set up localization, see Localizing components.

String name Default value
placeholder Search
title Search