Microsoft Teams Channel Picker component in Microsoft Graph Toolkit

You can use the mgt-teams-channel-picker component to enable searches for Microsoft Teams channels associated with a user. The component can search all teams the user has joined, and each channel in those teams.


The following example shows the mgt-teams-channel-picker component. Start searching for a channel or team to see the results render.

Getting the selected channel

Use the selectedItem property to retrieve the currently selected channel and parent team. This value will be null if no channel has been selected. selectedItem contains two properties: channel (MicrosoftGraph.Channel) and team (MicrosoftGraph.Team).

const channelPicker = document.querySelector("mgt-teams-channel-picker");

Selecting a channel

Use the selectChannelById(channelId: string) method to programmatically select a channel.

Note: the Teams channel picker only supports single channel selection.

const channelPicker = document.querySelector("mgt-teams-channel-picker");
const channelId = "some-channel-id";

Note: The provided channel (and subsequent ID) must belong to a team that the authenticated user has joined.

CSS custom properties

The mgt-teams-channel-picker component defines the following CSS custom properties.

.teams-channel-picker {
  --channel-picker-input-border: 2px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5) solid; /* sets all input area border */

  --channel-picker-input-background-color: #1f1f1f; /* input area background color */
  --channel-picker-input-background-color-hover: #008394; /* input area border hover color */
  --channel-picker-input-background-color-focus: #0f78d4; /* input area border focus color */

  --channel-picker-dropdown-background-color: brown; /* channel background color */
  --channel-picker-dropdown-item-text-color: #fff;
  --channel-picker-dropdown-item-background-color-hover: #333d47; /* channel or team hover background */
  --channel-picker-dropdown-item-text-color-selected: #0f78d4; /* selected channel background color */

  --channel-picker-color: white; /* input area border focus color */
  --channel-picker-arrow-fill: #ffffff;
  --channel-picker-input-placeholder-text-color: #f1f1f1; /* placeholder text color */
  --channel-picker-input-placeholder-text-color-hover: rgba(
  ); /* place holder text focus color */
  --channel-picker-input-placeholder-text-color-focus: rgba(
  ); /* place holder text focus color */

  --channel-picker-search-icon-color: yellow;
  --channel-picker-close-icon-color: yellow;
  --channel-picker-down-chevron-color: yellow;
  --channel-picker-up-chevron-color: yellow;

To learn more, see styling components.


Event When is it emitted Custom data Cancelable Bubbles Works with custom template
selectionChanged Fires when the user makes a change in the selection of a channel The currently selected item as { channel: channel, team: team} No No Yes

For more information about handling events, see events.


mgt-teams-channel-picker supports several templates that you can use to replace certain parts of the component. To specify a template, include a <template> element inside a component and set the data-type to one of the following values.

Data type Data context Description
loading null: no data The template used to render the state of the picker while making a request to Microsoft Graph is being made.
error null: no data The template used if a user search returns no users.

The following example shows how to use the error template.

  <template data-type="error">
    <p>Sorry, no Teams or Channels were found</p>

Microsoft Graph permissions

This component uses the following Microsoft Graph APIs and permissions by default. For each API called the user must have at least one of the listed permissions.

Configuration Permission API
default Team.ReadBasic.All, TeamSettings.Read.All, TeamSettings.ReadWrite.All, User.Read.All, User.ReadWrite.All /me/joinedTeams
default Team.ReadBasic.All TeamSettings.Read.All, TeamSettings.ReadWrite.All /teams/${teamId}/photo/$value
default Channel.ReadBasic.All, ChannelSettings.Read.All, ChannelSettings.ReadWrite.All /teams/${id}/channels


The control uses the global authentication provider described in the authentication documentation.


The mgt-teams-channel-picker component doesn't cache any data.

Extend for more control

For more complex scenarios or a truly custom UX, this component exposes several protected render* methods for override in component extensions:

Method Description
renderSelected Renders the selected team and channel in the input box.
renderInput Renders the input box.
renderDropdown Renders the dropdown.
renderDropdownList Renders the items in the dropdown recursively.
renderItem Renders a team or a channel in the dropdown list.
renderHighlightedText Renders the channel text, highlighting the input query.
renderLoading Renders the loading dropdown state.
renderError Renders the dropdown error state.


The control exposes the following variables that can be localized. For details about how to set up localization, see Localizing components.

String name Default value
closeButtonAriaLabel remove the selected channel
inputPlaceholderText Select a channel
loadingMessage Loading...
noResultsFound We didn't find any matches.
photoFor Teams photo for
teamsChannels Teams and channels results