Microsoft Graph tutorials

Microsoft Graph tutorials are step-by-step training exercises that guide you through creating a basic application that accesses data via Microsoft Graph. They are designed to be completed within 30 minutes (45 minutes including optional sections).

In these exercises, you create a basic command-line application that has the following features:

  • Enables user authentication
  • Accesses the user's profile
  • Lists the user's mailbox
  • Sends an email from the user's mailbox
  • Enables app-only authentication
  • Lists users in Azure Active Directory

Build your first app

To build your first app, choose a tutorial for your language.

If you prefer to download a completed project, you can do so from one of the following locations:

  • The project's corresponding GitHub repository. Instructions for registering an application and configuring the sample are located in each repository.
  • A Microsoft Graph quick start. A quick start automates registering an application for you and downloads the completed project already configured for user authentication. A quick start is available for all tutorials except Power Automate.
Tutorial GitHub repository
.NET microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-dotnet-core
Go microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-go
Java microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-java
JavaScript microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-javascript
PHP microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-php
Power Automate microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-powerautomate
PowerShell microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-powershell
Python microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-python
TypeScript microsoftgraph/msgraph-training-typescript

Next steps

After you complete a tutorial, you can learn more on Microsoft Learn or explore our samples.

Microsoft Learn

For a deeper dive into Microsoft Graph, explore our Microsoft Graph learning paths:


If the tutorials aren't quite what you need, our Microsoft Graph samples cover more scenarios and platforms, such as web apps and mobile apps.