What's new in Microsoft Graph

See highlights of what's new in the recent two months in Microsoft Graph, what's added earlier, and how you can share your ideas. For a detailed list of API-level updates, see the API changelog.


Features, including APIs and tools, in preview status may change without notice, and some may never be promoted to generally available (GA) status. Do not use preview features in production apps.

January 2023: New and generally available

Device and app management | Corporate management

Intune January updates for the v1.0 version.

Identity and access | Directory management

Get the country code that represents the default service usage location of an organization.

Security | Attack simulation and training

Tasks and plans

Use application permissions for read and write operations of Planner resources.

Teamwork and communications | Calls and online meetings

Specify settings that include a meeting ID, and whether attendees require a passcode to join the online meeting.

Teamwork and communications | Messaging

January 2023: New in preview only

Device and app management | Cloud PCs

Device and app management | Cloud printing

Get or set a display name for a print job.

Identity and access | Governance

Update a task for lifecycle workflows.

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in

  • Use a cross-tenant identity sync policy to synchronize users from a partner tenant. The policy streamlines collaboration between users in a multi-tenant organization, by automating creating, updating, and deleting users from one tenant to another.
  • Get the cross-tenant access default settings for automatic user consent from an inbound/outbound policy configuration.

Security | Attack simulation and training

  • Create or delete an attack simulation campaign for a tenant. Prior to this update, apps can only get information about an existing simulation campaign.
  • Get information about an attack simulation training. Get further details such as the content and coachmarks.

Tasks and plans | Business scenarios

Debut of the business scenarios API which allows developer customers to configure plans and tasks, and to bring custom scenario data in entities for their Planner-specific scenarios.

December 2022: New and generally available


Address a service principal by a new alternate key, appId.

Identity and access | Directory management

  • Address an device by a new alternate key, deviceId.
  • Address an directoryRole by a new alternate key, roleTemplateId.

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in

Identify at-risk service principals in an organization with Azure AD, which continually detects and evaluates risks based on various signals and machine learning. You can confirm if an at-risk service principal is indeed compromised, upon which Microsoft would disable that service principal object. You can dismiss the risk of an at-risk service principal. And, you can list the risk history of a service principal.

December 2022: New in preview only

Device and app management | Corporate management

Intune December updates for the beta version.

Identity and access | Directory management

People and workplace intelligence | Item insights

A user whose item insights have been disabled can still see the file-based activities of other users with item insights enabled. Previous to this update, that user with item insights disabled would not see anybody's trending content. Learn more about an organization's insights-based experience after disabling a user's item insights.

Reports | Azure AD activity reports

Get additional details about user or application sign-in activity logs:

Sites and lists

Tasks and plans

Use an external source to relate a bucket, task, or plan to a user experience outside of Planner. Surface and sync the bucket, task, or plan in that experience, and track work in the context of that experience. See more information in external bucket source, external task source, and external plan source.

Use SDKs

Try the new Microsoft Graph Python SDK (preview) and take advantage of the following improvements:

  • A new authentication provider that automatically refreshes access tokens.
  • A built-in retry handler that understands response status codes.
  • A fluent request building pattern to improve efficiency and discoverability.
  • Type annotations, both synchronous and asynchronous experiences and HTTP2 support.

Note: The Microsoft Graph Python SDK is currently in public preview. Don't use this SDK in production environments. For details see SDKs in preview or GA status.

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  • Are there scenarios you'd like Microsoft Graph to support? Suggest and vote for new features at Microsoft Feedback Portal. Some new features originate as popular requests from the developer community. The Microsoft Graph team regularly evaluates customer needs and releases new features in the following order:

    1. Debut in preview status. Any related REST API updates are in the beta endpoint (https://graph.microsoft.com/beta).

    2. Promoted to general availability (GA) status, if sufficient feedback indicates viability. Any related REST API updates are added to the v1.0 endpoint (https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0).

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