Error codes for workbooks and charts APIs

This article describes error codes that are returned by the workbooks and charts APIs in Microsoft Graph when a request sent through these APIs fails. For details about handling error responses from workbooks and charts APIs in Microsoft Graph, see Error handling for Excel APIs in Microsoft Graph. For more information about error responses and resource types in Microsoft Graph, see Microsoft Graph error responses and resource types.

Error codes and messages

The following table lists the current error codes and messages. The service might add new error codes at any time.

Status Code Error Code Error Message
400 badRequest The request is malformed or incorrect.
401 unauthorized The caller isn't authenticated.
403 forbidden The caller doesn't have permission to perform the action.
404 notFound The resource couldn't be found.
405 methodNotAllowed The HTTP method in the request isn't allowed on the resource.
409 conflict The current state conflicts with what the request expects.
413 payloadTooLarge The request size exceeds the maximum limit.
429 tooManyRequests The app or user has been throttled.
500 internalServerError An internal server error occurred while processing the request.
501 notImplemented The requested feature isn’t implemented.
502 badGateway The server encountered a temporary error and couldn't complete your request.
503 serviceUnavailable The service isn't available. Try your request again.
504 gatewayTimeout The server, while acting as a proxy, didn't receive a timely response from the upstream server in order to complete the request.

Detailed error codes

The following are required error codes that your app might encounter within the first-level of nested innerError objects. The service might add new error codes at any time.

  • accessConflict
  • badRequestUncategorized
  • conflictUncategorized
  • forbiddenUncategorized
  • gatewayTimeoutUncategorized
  • internalServerErrorUncategorized
  • invalidSessionAccessConflict
  • invalidSessionAuthentication
  • invalidSessionNotFound
  • invalidSessionReCreatable
  • invalidSessionRestricted
  • invalidSessionUnexpected
  • invalidSessionUnsupportedWorkbook
  • methodNotAllowedUncategorized
  • notFoundUncategorized
  • notImplementedUncategorized
  • payloadTooLargeUncategorized
  • serviceUnavailableUncategorized
  • tooManyRequestsUncategorized
  • transientFailure
  • unauthorizedUncategorized
  • unsupportedWorkbook

For examples of optional error codes within the first-level of nested innerError objects, see Optional second-level error code examples.


The innerError object might recursively contain more deeper innerError objects with additional, more specific error codes. These deeper innerError codes are intended for diagnostics purpose only.

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