What are the Mixed Reality support and help options?

Are you looking to get unblocked on developing your application, or have an issue with your HoloLens 2 or Windows Mixed Reality Headset? Maybe you are using an Azure mixed reality service and have a technical question.

Here you will find the support options for the following options ensuring you get connected to the right place. We also cover community resources and self-service content options for you to explore:

Community help options

Post a question on Microsoft Q&A

Azure Q&A

For quick and reliable answers on your Azure Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2 programming questions from Microsoft Engineers, Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), or our expert community, engage with us on Microsoft Q&A, Microsoft's preferred destination for community support.

If you can't find an answer to your problem using search, submit a new question to Microsoft Q&A. Use one of the following tags when you ask your question:

Post a question on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

For answers on your developer questions from the largest community developer ecosystem, ask your question on Stack Overflow.

If you do submit a new question to Stack Overflow, please use one or more of the following tags when you create the question:

Other Communities:

HoloLens 2 Support

Help with Technical Support for your HoloLens 2

Help with Commercial Store Support for your HoloLens 2

  • Purchase HoloLens 2 use this option to learn more about HoloLens 2 pricing and options
  • See below list of business desk numbers to speak with our Commercial Store Support colleagues if you need help via phone support
  • For purchases outside of the Microsoft Store, reference this list of authorized HoloLens 2 resellers and countries where HoloLens 2 is available.

Commercial Store Support numbers


Use one of the commercial support business phone numbers below to help complete your purchase.


If you are calling for support from a market that is not listed below, direct your call to our US business desk number.

Markets Business Desk Number Hours of Operation
United Kingdom +44 800 026 0061 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
France +33 08 05 98 00 03 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Germany +49 08 05 98 00 03 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Sweden +46 20 120 3222 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Switzerland +41 800 662006 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Belgium +32 80058153 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Netherlands +31 8007482055 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Austria +43 800 943670 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Denmark +45 80400184 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Ireland +353 1800 832 653 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Italy +39 800598979 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Luxembourg +352 80040425 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Spain +34 800 598979 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Norway +47 80062002 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Finland +358 800526136 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
Portugal +351 800600087 Mon to Fri, 09AM to 6PM
US 866-425-4709 Mon to Fri, 6AM to 6PM, PST
Canada 877-345-2661 Mon to Fri, 6AM to 6PM, PST
China 400-805-6783 Mon to Fri, 9AM TO 6PM
Japan 0120-03-5241 Mon to Fri, 9AM to 5:30PM
Australia 1800-217-709 Mon to Fri, 8AM TO 8PM
Singapore 1800 622-1816 Mon to Fri, 8:30AM to 5:30PM
New Zealand 0800 471 640 Mon to Fri, 8AM TO 6PM


If you require a full VAT invoice you should get in touch with the Commercial Support Store team directly and not purchase a device online. All purchases made online will only receive a simplified VAT invoice which cannot be edited later.

Azure mixed reality services support

Open an Azure portal technical support ticket

To open a technical support ticket on the Azure portal for Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Object Anchors or Azure Remote Rendering:

  1. With the Azure portal open, select the help icon from the top menu bar, then select the Help + support button.

    Azure portal help and support.

  2. With the Help + support page open, select + New support request.

    Azure portal new support request.

  3. When completing the support ticket fields:

    • Issue type: Technical
    • Service: Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Remote Rendering or Azure Object Anchors

    Azure portal support ticket fields.

    1. Click Next: Solutions at the bottom of the page to add further details to tell us more about the issue.

    2. Fill out the form as precise and detailed as possible along with your preferred way to reach you.

    3. Review all the information you have filled in the previous sections and now submit the support request.

Provide documentation content feedback

On the bottom of each content article, there is an opportunity to open a GitHub issue and provide feedback on content in any mixed reality documentation repository.

Provide product feedback


Providing feedback is an excellent way to have your voice heard, however feedback is not a way to receive a response. Feedback Hub may be combined with other support options.

To provide feedback, share an idea or suggestions for Microsoft mixed reality services, or vote on the ideas that others have submitted, visit:

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  • HoloLens 2, see the HoloLens Troubleshooting page
  • Windows Mixed Reality, see the FAQ page
  • Azure Remote Rendering, see the FAQ page
  • Azure Spatial Anchors, see the FAQ page
  • Azure Object Anchors, see the FAQ page