Getting started with network integration - HIS

Hardware and connectivity

Includes guidance to plan for server load and fault tolerance, connectivity to 3270 and Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APCC), network options between the client and the server, and connecting HIS to your systems.


Use SNA Manager to configure your HIS properties, create linked services and connections, and configure 3270 LUs and IP-DLC connections.

User guide and management

The user guide provides tips and guidance on IP-DLC, SNA, and TN services. Also discusses using Active Directory to help with membership and security, managing your network with NetView, and using Windows PowerShell and command line tools for common tasks.


Learn how Windows secures and authenticates, and use built-in tools to view and audit events. Also includes details on 3270 and 5250 terminal access, and securing your TN3270 and TN5250 services.

Troubleshooting and errors

Includes tools and tip, common events and errors, and provides guidance on performance and configuration issues.

Developer resources

Programmer Guide includes multiple programming guides that cover APPC, CPI-C, LUA, SNA, 3270 emulation, SNA, and security.

Programmer reference describes and shows how to use the different verbs and calls for the different features, including APPC, CPI-C, LUA, SNA, 3270 emulation, and SNA.