Enterprise Single Sign-On

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) provides services to enable single sign-on for end users in enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions. The SSO system maps Microsoft Windows accounts to back-end credentials. SSO simplifies the management of user IDs and passwords, both for users and administrators. It enables users to access back-end systems and applications by logging on only one time to the Windows network.

Performance monitoring is available in this release. If you are running Enterprise SSO on a 64-bit Windows computer, you must also use the 64-bit Perfmon tool in order to use the ESSO Perfmon counters.

In This Section

Enterprise Single Sign-On Basics

Installing Enterprise Single Sign-On

Enterprise Single Sign-On Tasks

Secure Deployment of Enterprise Single Sign-On

Password Synchronization

SSO Security Recommendations

Creating a Single Sign-On Application

Enterprise Single Sign-on Programmer's Reference

Loopback Adapter Sample