Host Integration Server migration tool

The Host Integration Server (HIS) Migration Tool:

  • Helps move to HIS 2020 from earlier versions of Host Integration Server.
  • Helps move the configuration from an existing HIS 2020 installation to another server.

The migration tool collects the configuration information in an existing HIS installation, and applies the information to a new installation. This configuration information includes the HIS services, registry entries, configuration files, and SNA Gateway configuration information.

Tool syntax

    HisMigration drive:path [/Apply | /Save] [/Overwrite] [/?]

    drive:path The full path to an existing directory.

    /Apply     Apply a previously saved configuration to the current version of HIS.

    /Overwrite Overwrite any existing files when doing a /Save.
               This entry is ignored when using /Apply.

    /Save      Save all HIS configuration information to the specified directory.
               If the directory is not empty, then /Overwrite must also be specified.
               This is the default if /Apply is not specified.

    /?         Displays this information.

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