by Brad Joseph


Another option for hosting providers is WebsitePanel. WebsitePanel, formerly known as DotNetPanel, is an open-source control panel built exclusively for the Windows web technology platform. With the help of former DotNetPanel developers, Microsoft is investing in the future and success of WebsitePanel by contributing support for ongoing development efforts. WebsitePanel is designed for developers managing customer servers and web sites and hosting service providers offering Windows hosting services.

Screenshot of the Website Panel screen showing the Hosting Spaces and User Account Rules sections.

The WebsitePanel features list includes:

· True multi-server architecture

· Long list of supported software and platforms

· Close integration with Microsoft Web App Gallery

· Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) integration

· Strong community support

WebsitePanel has recently been submitted as an open-source project on SourceForge and carries a BSD license. For more information on WebsitePanel, visit: