IHttpResponse Interface

Provides an interface to an HTTP response object. You can use the methods in the IHttpResponse interface to retrieve and modify data in the current HTTP response.


class IHttpResponse  


The following table lists the methods exposed by the IHttpResponse interface.

Topic Description
Clear Clears the response entity.
ClearHeaders Clears the response headers and sets headers to default values.
CloseConnection Closes the connection and sends a reset packet to the client.
DeleteHeader Deletes a specified HTTP header.
DisableBuffering Disables response buffering for the current request.
DisableKernelCache Disables the kernel cache for this response.
Flush Sends the existing content in the response buffer to the client.
GetCachePolicy Retrieves the response output cache policy.
GetErrorDescription Retrieves the custom error description.
GetHeader Returns the value of a specified HTTP header.
GetHeaderChanges Retrieves the changes to the server headers for the current response.
GetHeadersSuppressed Determines whether the response status and headers are suppressed.
GetKernelCacheEnabled Determines whether the kernel cache is enabled for the current response.
GetRawHttpResponse Retrieves a structure that contains the raw HTTP response.
GetStatus Retrieves the HTTP status for the response.
Redirect Redirects the client to a specified URL.
ResetConnection Resets the socket connection immediately.
SetErrorDescription Specifies the custom error description.
SetHeader Sets or appends the value of a specified HTTP response header.
SetNeedDisconnect Resets the socket after the response is complete.
SetStatus Sets the HTTP status for the response.
SuppressHeaders Suppresses the response status and headers.
WriteEntityChunkByReference Inserts or appends an HTTP_DATA_CHUNK structure into the response body.
WriteEntityChunks Appends one or more HTTP_DATA_CHUNK structures to the response body.

Derived Classes

Name Description
IHttpResponse2 Provides an interface for flushing data and writing entity data chunks for asynchronous operations.

Web Server Core Interfaces

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