What is Collaboration Manager for Loans?

Collaboration Manager for Loans is an app in Microsoft Teams that helps your team accelerate the lending process with automation and collaboration tools, to quickly go from application to signing. The app lets you collaborate with meetings, customer bookings, notes, files, and approvals, all of which are attached to loan records. Collaboration Manager for Loans is built on top of Collaboration Manager, which is a set of experiences that help you improve any collaborative process.


Collaboration Manager is one of the solutions included in Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.


Collaboration Manager for Loans helps your team manage the loan process from start to finish.

Collaboration Manager lets you automate loan processes, use bookings, create and track tasks, route loans for approval, and upload documents.

Collaboration Manager includes the following capabilities:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides a visual overview of all the loans being worked on. Here you can see a bar chart displaying the number of loan applications by advisor, a pie chart that breaks down work by workflow stage, and a list of all the current loans.

  • Summary: The summary provides an overview of all the information relating to a specific loan, including details, tasks, and meetings.

  • Details; The Details tab shows you all the key information relating to a loan.

  • Meetings: You can use Collaboration Manager for Loans to create, cancel, join, RSVP to, and update both internal meetings and customer bookings.

  • Tasks: The Tasks feature allows you to keep track of all actions that need to be taken related to a particular loan.

  • Notes: You can use Collaboration Manager for Loans to take notes relating to a particular loan and attach them to that loan so that all the necessary information is in one place.


The Collaboration Manager for loans no longer includes the conversations feature. Your loan teams can use Microsoft Teams chat to communicate instead.

Integration with Microsoft Graph and other apps

Collaboration Manager for Loans connects to other apps in the Microsoft ecosystem by using Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Graph.

  • Meetings will show up in your Outlook calendar
  • Bookings will show up in your Outlook calendar and the Bookings app


Customer may not use any of the Collaboration Manager capabilities as a factor in establishing the financial standing, including their eligibility for credit, hire, insurance, housing, employment, or other eligibility or entitlement (including for any other use constituting a permissible purpose under the US Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA")) of a consumer, in such a way that would cause Microsoft to be considered to operate as a Consumer Reporting Agency under FCRA, or otherwise in violation of any other applicable laws.

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