Combat financial crime

Help keep your business safer from financial crime by using the Account Protection and Purchase Protection solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can customize both account and purchase protection to suit your business needs.

Account and purchase protection with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

When you purchase Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, you have access to a limited number of transactions for the features in Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services includes:

  • 50,000 transactions for Account protection.
  • 5,000 transactions for Purchase protection.
  • 5,000 transactions for Loss prevention.

Account protection

Account protection helps keep your business secure by guarding against bot attacks, fake account creation, and fraudulent account access. Account protection helps in the following ways:

  • Helps detect account fraud
  • Safeguards accounts using a fraud protection network
  • Protects accounts with device fingerprinting
  • Helps defend against bots

Purchase protection

Purchase protection helps prevent online purchase fraud using advanced adaptive AI. Purchase protection helps you by:

  • Reducing false positives
  • Optimizing acceptance rates
  • Triangulating transaction fraud

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and find resources such as videos at Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection - Resources.