What's new in Fundraising and Engagement November 3, 2022

We updated Fundraising and Engagement for both Dynamics 365 and Azure services with a minor release to improve the new donation import after recent insights. This release also introduces improvements for generating receipts for transactions, deleting accounts, and the charge donation now functionality in recurring donations.


Fundraising and Engagement is comprised of Dynamics 365 and Azure services. We highly recommend that nonprofit organizations and partners upgrade to Fundraising and Engagement Dynamics 365 solution and Azure services to version to take advantage of the latest improvements.

Item How it worked before How it works now
Recurring donation: Charge donation now Next Payment Date wasn't updated when payment was triggered with the Charge Donation Now button. Also, it wasn't possible to refund the transactions that were triggered by the Charge Donation Now button. The Charge Donation Now button triggers the upcoming payment and updates the Next Payment Date according to the user-defined schedule, and these transactions can be successfully refunded.
Recurring Donation: Bank (ACH) payment type Next Payment Date wasn't filled according to the user-defined schedule and remained empty when Payment Method was selected as Bank (ACH) for processing. Recurring donations with Bank (ACH) payment methods are successfully processed and saved. Next Payment Date is also calculated and filled according to the user-defined schedule.
Transaction: Receipting The CreateReceiptOnTransactionCreate custom workflow activity caused an error due to a compatibility issue. The issue is fixed, and users can generate and print receipts for custom workflows without getting an error.
Accounts: Delete account Users who try to delete an organization record were introduced and blocked by a system error. Users can delete the organization records successfully without receiving an error.
Contact: Create contact When users tried to create a contact in an environment that didn't have the required configuration record, the action was blocked with a generic error message. The error message provides actionable advice to the user.
Donation import: Track my import When users selected Track my import on the last step of a successful donation import, they received Leave this page confirmation message before navigating to the intended section. The Leave this page confirmation message has been removed for a better user experience.
Donation import: Accessibility improvements When users navigate through the Required mapping and Additional mapping pages, there are tooltips available for several columns that can't be accessed by using the keyboard. All the actions that are available with the mouse are now available for the keyboard, too.
Donation import: Additional fields When users import a file with only required fields, the Additional fields section displayed. The Additional fields section is only visible when the source file includes non-required fields.
Donation import: Empty cells When the first value of the imported file was empty, the entire column was skipped during the import process. All the columns in the file are imported if they have data in at least one row, even if the first cell is empty. Empty cells aren't evaluated as missing cells if they aren't required fields, including the pick list fields.
Donation import: Confirmation icon The confirmation page of the donation import flow didn't include a check mark to indicate that import had successfully begun. The confirmation page now includes a check mark on the last step of the flow when import has successfully begun.

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