Report waste quantity data by waste type and category

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Business value

Comply with regulatory requirements for waste-based disclosures in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports. Track your sustainability goals, such as zero waste.

Feature details

This feature allows you to generate customized and regulatory reports that disclose your periodic waste quantity data in ESG reports. These reports are designed to assist you in meeting your company's reporting and regulatory obligations, ensuring compliance with ESG reporting standards. These ESG standards include GRI 306: Waste and European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS) E5: Resource Use and Circular Economy. The reports now available in Sustainability Manager also help you to streamline your waste management processes and gain valuable insights into your environmental impact.

You can view the Waste quantity dashboard (Preview) to view your organization’s waste quantity data. It shows total waste generated by diversion method, hazardous and radioactive waste type at a facility, or organizational unit level for the reporting period. You can also generate a report with the following fields:

  • Waste generated
  • Waste recovered
  • Waste disposed
  • Waste non-recycled
  • Waste stream
  • Waste category
  • Material
  • Is hazardous
  • Is radioactive
  • Recovery method subtype
  • Recovery site type
  • Disposal method subtype
  • Disposal site type