Orchestrate patient journeys using virtual tables


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts - Oct 2023

Business value

Enable access to data from external sources without having to duplicate data. Provide a streamlined, secure, and efficient way to access data for driving patient engagement.

Feature details

Currently, Patient outreach and patient journey (preview) require data to reside within Dataverse. With the integration of virtual health data tables, we aim to enhance the functionality by removing this restriction. This investment allows users to have greater flexibility and access to a wider range of data sources to fully utilize our features. By breaking down these barriers, we aim to enhance the overall user experience and drive greater value for healthcare outreach organizations. In addition, this would also offer event and trigger capabilities for customers and partners to build interoperable solutions that rely on external notifications.

This capability would be shipped as part of the Patient outreach solution available in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Center.