Compute and audit data for CSRD disclosures


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Business value

Use this end-to-end, integrated solution in Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric for generating and auditing quantitative metrics for carbon, water, and waste. This feature streamlines and reduces the time it takes to integrate data sources and map the data to metrics for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Feature details

You can integrate data from different sources to compute carbon, water and waste quantitative metrics for CSRD disclosures and enable internal audit workflows for the computed metrics. This solution provides the following functionality:

  • Ingest carbon, water, and waste sustainability matter data from different sources, such as Microsoft Sustainability Manager, to sustainability data solutions in Fabric.
  • Use notebooks to compute the data for the CSRD metrics of carbon, water, and waste disclosures.
  • Enable internal audit workflows for the computed quantitative metrics.

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