Restate emissions from previous cycles


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jul 2024 -

Business value

With more organizations reporting greenhouse gas emissions and improving their methodologies over time, the need to restate emissions from previous years is urgent. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, you can generate an updated disclosure report while maintaining the original data for a reporting year.

Feature details

Restatement capabilities build on the concept of data status workflow and audit to provide a cohesive restatement solution in Sustainability Manager. With this functionality, auditors can determine the following data:

  • What was reported during the reporting year originally
  • The cause of the restatement
  • What will change in the new report for the previously disclosed reporting year

This feature provides the boundaries of the reporting year, the concept of locking and archiving a view of what was reported, and the ability to calculate and generate a restatement report with the right administrative privileges.


This feature is included in Microsoft Sustainability Manager Premium.