Configure Store Operations Assist Teams with Viva Connections

Viva Connections provides a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and resources. When Store Operations Assist Teams is integrated, Viva Connections can provide a unified platform for your frontline workers and retail managers, enabling them to access all necessary information and tools in one place.

The Store Operations Assist Teams card in Microsoft Viva Connections enhances collaboration and productivity among employees through its integration with Microsoft Viva. This card is designed for store associates, allowing them to start their day with Viva Connections.

To configure Store Operations Assist Teams to be integrated with Viva Connections, perform the following steps:

Provide requisite API permissions

  1. Open Azure portal with Microsoft Azure admin credentials.

  2. Search for SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal

  3. On the left pane, navigate to Manage > API permissions. Add Dynamics CRM API permission.

    Screenshot shows giving API permissions to Dynamics CRM.

Upload SharePoint solution

  1. Download the SharePoint package file from Microsoft Download Center.

  2. Open SharePoint Online with Microsoft 365 admin credentials.

  3. Navigate to Apps for SharePoint and select Upload.

  4. Upload the SharePoint package file that you downloaded earlier to your SharePoint app catalog.

    Screenshot shows the VIVA SharePoint package uploaded.

For more information, see Use the site collection app catalog and Manage apps using the Apps site.

Configure a Viva Connections dashboard

  1. Open Teams Admin center. Go to manage apps, and copy the Teams App ID of the app, which is required to be linked. You need this ID in a later step.

  2. Open SharePoint Admin Center with Microsoft 365 admin credentials.

  3. Add the Store Operations Assist Teams adaptive card extension to the Viva Connection dashboard.

    Screenshot shows adding the Store Operations Assist Teams adaptive card extension to the Viva Connection Dashboard.

    For detailed information, see Add a Viva Connection Dashboard.

  4. Open the card in the Viva Connections dashboard and configure the values. Customize the card title, and add the Dataverse Organization URL and the Teams App ID to which the card is linked.

    Screenshot shows how to customize the Viva Connections card to link Store Operations Assist.

After this configuration, you can use the Viva Connections dashboard to access Store Operations Assist Teams. For more information, see Use Store Operations Assist Teams from Microsoft Viva Connections..